Title: Night at the Museum Text Type: Movie Director: Shawn Levy Date of Response: 24/10/2017 Summary: Larry Daley is a night watchman in a museum filled with natural history. By a Ancient Egyptian curse, many of the musuem’s artifacts, animals and more come to life after the building closes down. What will happen? Ideas: In […]

Title: Hunt for The Wilderpeople Text Type: Movie Story by: Barry Crump Date of Response: 24/10/2017 Summary: A boy named Ricky Baker and his Uncle Hec are alone in the wilderness of New Zealand and are now the subjects of a manhunt. Are these two able to survive in the jungles for enough time? Ideas: […]

Title: Thinking Text Type: Poem Author: Walter D. Wintle Date of Response: 24/10/2017 Summary: This poem is one based on life long decisions. The stanza say about how things are, and that some things people might not be able to do. If you think you can do it, you can do it. Otherwise, you cannot. […]

Title: To Autumn Text Type: Poem Author: John Keats Date of Response: 20/10/2017 Summary: This poem is about Autumn. The first stanza describes him in a sunny day in a vineyard filled with vines with grapes and apple trees. All the fruity things have matured, stating this is early in autumn. Some of the writing […]

Title: Lord of the Flies Text Type: Novel Author: William Golding Date of Response: 20/10/2017 Summary: A plane has crashed on an unknown island, and a group of school boys are stranded with no adult authority. Regardless, they needed to survive on their own without adult supervision, but nobody knows what is happening to them […]

Describe a character who changed during the text and explain why that change occurred. In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a character who changed in the novel was Jack. This change had occurred sometime after the plane crash and stranded on the deserted island with the other boys. Jack changes from […]