She should have died hereafter. There would have been a time for such a word. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, Creeps in this petty pace from day to day To the last syllable of recorded time, And all our yesterdays have lighted fools The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle! Life’s but a […]

Title: Because it is My Blood Author: Gabrielle Zevin Chapter One: We begin inside of the Trinity College prisoners section, where there is a girl named Ayla Balanchine who is on her last of ninety days at the prison section. What she did to get here was shoot somebody while her and her ex-boyfriend Win […]

Act 5, Scene 1 Summary Characters: Doctor of Physic, Waiting Gentlewoman, Lady Macbeth Location: Macbeth’s castle TIme: Unknown Events: A doctor is seeing a woman that bears troubles for Lady Macbeth, saying that she is in a odd sleepwalk. She enters with the daggers from Duncan’s death and is trouble while cleaning the daggers in […]

Act 4, Scene 1 Summary Characters: Three Witches, Hecate, Macbeth, Three Apparitions, Banquo’s Ghost, Lenox Location: A dark cave Time: Thundery night Events: The witches are making some sort of potion to use, which Hecate is delighted about. Soon, Macbeth enters and demands the witches to answer his questions he needs to know. Soon, three […]

Act 3, Scene 1 Summary Characters: Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Banquo, Lenox, Rosse, Attendant, Murderers Location: Macbeth’s palace, inside the forres Time: Mid-day Events: Macbeth has now finally been made king, as well as Lady Macbeth being queen. Macbeth has now had some rights to provide a supper for his impressiveness, and invites Banquo on the […]

Act 2, Scene 1 Summary Characters: Banquo, Fleance, Macbeth Location: A court in the castle Time: Almost midnight Events: Macbeth meets Banquo during his troubled sleep, saying he is troubled by the three witches.Macbeth says they are not needed (he is lying to take action of killing Duncan) and says he is loyal to Duncan, […]

Act 1, Scene 1 Summary Characters: The Three Witches Location: A desert place Time: Unknown (before the end of a battle) Events: The witches are planning to meet after the end of a battle. They plan to see Macbeth on the heath. Quote: “Fair is foul and foul is fair” – paradox Act 1, Scene […]