Name: InterstellarDirector: Christopher NolanMade: 25/09/2018Type: Movie Summary:Inside the midst of the 21st century, a man named Joseph Cooper who was formerly a NASA pilot, is told about a wormhole near Saturn that opens up to a distant galaxy with twelve different planets near a black hole called Gargantua. Positive results were reported, and Cooper is […]

The point of the poem Out of the Blue by Simon Armitage is to show a point of view from someone inside the Twin Towers during the terrorist attack of 9/11. There are some very obvious language features that are being used in this extract to add emphasis to it. As this is a poem, […]

Name: MacbethDirector: Kenneth BranaghMade: 13/09/2018Type: Movie Summary:This movie, which was made in 2015, is a brilliant rendition of the famous Shakespeare play Macbeth, a story of where a Scottish man named Macbeth is the receiver of a prophecy from three witches that he will be the King of Scotland someday, over current ruler King Duncan. […]

Name of Book: Huia Short Stories 8: Contemporary Maori EditionAuthors: Whai Conroy, Pripi Evans, Ann and Wendy French (some of them)Made: 30/08/2018Type: Short Story Summary:This is a series of 32 different short stories and various novel extracts by 24 different storytellers that had made the stories. These certain stories are from the Pikihuia Awards for […]

Name of Book: ThenAuthors: Morris GleitzmanMade: 23/08/2018Type: Short Story Summary:The plot is where a Jewish boy named Felix and a Catholic girl named Zelda are trapped by a Nazi army, but escape barely and manage to find a home to live in with a Polish woman named Genia. From there, they are healed of their […]

Name of Book: Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy Authors: Douglas Adams and Eoin Colfer Made: 23/7/2018 Type: Novel Summary: The plot is basically where this species of aliens from an unknown world in the galaxy called the Vagons is about to wipe away the world. A man named Arthur overhears this story and once the […]

Name of Book: Battle Lines Author: Andy McNab Journal Made: 16/02/2018 Type: Novel This book is taken back to the times of war, where are Sergeant named Dave is quickly back into war with his other friendly comrades. The team have to head back to Afghanistan from England to fight for their loved ones, and […]

Commentator 1: Zoi Sadowski Synott, doing a tail press over the rainbow bridge, back heel on the quarter pipe, coming back around, going up the hill, back side 180 over the c-rail. Coming into the next rail feature, switch, switch boardslider, did a wee like popout. Wee popout’s like can really impress the judges because […]