Describe a character who changed during the text and explain why that change occurred.

In the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a character who changed in the novel was Jack. This change had occurred sometime after the plane crash and stranded on the deserted island with the other boys. Jack changes from a proper English schoolboy to become a savage and ruthless dictator with a murderous tribe. He has three reasons to why he changes. Those are Good and Evil, Law and Order and Possession.

To begin with, what was some Good and Evil parts that gave an act to Jack’s change? In the beginning of the story, he is part of a small group of choir boys, all of which are reluctant to see some other faces on this island. He isn’t impressed when he isn’t chosen chief over Ralph, which indicates a first change in his personality. Progressing through the story he is now feeling more of a savage side, as he is reluctant to kill a pig that got away from his clutches before. This savagery only continues to grow quickly as then Jack sees more people joining his side and soon enough there are two tribes, and Jack’s is slowly growing as the days go by. He then is a savage dictator and shows no mercy and tears down anything in his path. An example of this is when he broke the conch like in this quote, “The conch exploded into a thousand white fragments and ceased to exist.” The evil power that Jack gains throughout the novel is very interesting and makes the story scarier than it usually is.

Afterwards, what were the controls of Law and Order that projected Jack’s change? Around the beginning of the novel, there was a vote for chief and Ralph was voted over by Jack, which obviously did not make Jack very happy. He was OK with Ralph’s decisions, but he did have some instances of slight differences with them. He mainly had wrongs with Piggy, and due to the conch being power of the island, he had to obey the rules, which obviously, he didn’t do and made his own tribe to strive for his own rights. An example of this is this quote here, “We’ve got to have rules and to obey them. After all, we’re not savages, we’re English, and the English are the nest at everything.”

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