Describe at least one important object in the written text and explain why that object was important.

In the novel Lord of the Flies authorised by William Golding, there were some important items that were made for the cast to survive. A very significant object that was indeed the most important was the conch.

The conch was a held item that when held the person was given the power to speak among the rest during meetings. It was mainly held by Raplh, the chief of the tribe, due to him having the conch first and always. However, the conch has had it’s limits in giving the power to speak. Some people went against the will of the conch and spoke when not needed, most of those times Jack or Piggy spoke up over Ralph’s will.
An example of this use is in this scene:
Jack lifted his hands for the conch.
“I’m not finished yet.”
“But you’ve been talking over and over!”
Soon enough even when the conch was lifted for speaking some people did not care as they has all rights to speak for themselves, like with Jack when he started the hunter tribe against Ralph’s civilised group and was ferocious and savage whenever the conch was seen due to him never caring about it.

The conch really was an important item as such if it had kept it’s promises with the group, no problems would have been caused. It was necessary due to it was the only way for somebody to speak amongst the group of indiviuals. It was definately important because whoever had the conch would speak was a rule at the time, and as Ralph says:
“Because the rules are the only thing we got.”
Without the conch people would go crazy and wild however they like and it would be impossible to calm them down before meetings were able to begin.

It is very peculiar how the way of talking was used by a shell that makes noises, but the reason why it was important is because it was the one things that set the story from a calm and peacful environment to a savage and raucous island of despair. It was the conch that had got all the group together, it was the conch that made the savagery, and it was the conch that made Jack savage, who also wanted to kill Ralph as well. The conch basically in my opinion laid out the enitre story and gave it all the interestingf facts that were laid out.

This is why I believe that the conch is a very important item in Lord of the Flies by William Golding.

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