Act 5, Scene 1 Summary

Characters: Doctor of Physic, Waiting Gentlewoman, Lady Macbeth

Location: Macbeth’s castle

TIme: Unknown

Events: A doctor is seeing a woman that bears troubles for Lady Macbeth, saying that she is in a odd sleepwalk. She enters with the daggers from Duncan’s death and is trouble while cleaning the daggers in her hand. Both the women and the doctor are quite shocked by this traumatic chivalry, but once she leaves a thing is certain. But what is that certainty?

No quotes are used in this scene

Act 5, Scene 2 Summary

Characters: Menteth, Cathness, Angus, Lenox

Location: Country near Dunsinane

Time: Before battle

Events: A group of Scottish thanes are deciding to meet with the English army, consisting of Malcolm, Siward and Macduff, all meeting up to kill Macbeth for good. They feel it is time for the bolt to srike on Macbeth and whisk him to the death circle with Duncan and Banquo. The march onwards to Macbeth’s castle on the coasts of Dunsinane. What is Macbeth thinking as the enemies approach closer? Only time will tell.

No quotes are used in this scene

Act 5, Scene 3 Summary

Characters: Macbeth, Servant, Doctor, Seyton

Location: Macbeth’s castle

Time: Before battle

Events: Macbeth is angered by some reports, and is in troubling states of fear and worry. Soon, a servant tells Macbeth that the English force is coming, ten thousand strong. He leaves and Macbeth yells for a man named Seyton, and he reports all things are true. Macbeth is willing to fight until he drops, and asks the doctors about how the patient is. The patient is in no sickness, but in some way that keeps her in low spirit. Macbeth is saying if she is OK, and the patient is clear, it’s Lady Macbeth, still in a sleepwalking state. He asks for all his hopes in fighting for his justice, and is confident to go and either win or lose, survive or die. But which way will he face, life or death?


  • “Ay, my good lord: your royal preparation, makes us hear [email protected]
  • “Till birnam forest come to Dunsinane”

Act 5, Scene 4 Summary

Characters: Malcolm, Old Siward, Young Siward, Macduff, Menteth, Cathness, Angus, Lenox, Rosse, Solidiers

Location: Near Dunsinane

Time: Nearing battle

Events: Macduff and Malcolm’s army is advancing and traverses through the Birnam woodlands. The time is approaching, and Macduff wishes Malcolm, Siward, his solidiers and all to make this a good fight to the finish.

Act 5, Scene 5 Summary

Characters: Macbeth, Seyton, Messenger

Location: Macbeth’s castle

Time: Just before battle

Events: Macbeth is preparing for a fight with the English as female shriek is heard safely in the distance. Seyton goes to see, and Macbeth is in depression from a loss, and as Seyton arrives again, Lady Macbeth is dead, which makes Macbeth even more depressed. Afterwards a messenger enters to explain that the Birnam woods began to move (meaning the Englsih army is coming quickly for Macbeth).

Act 5, Scene 6 Summary

Characters: Malcolm, Old Siward, Macduff

Location: Plain before Macbeth’s castle

Time: Just before battle

Events: The battle in on the verge of it’s beginning, the orders are being given by the army, and Malcolm, Siward and Macduff are ready to fight, and if they don’t win, let them be beaten, like Siward says. But who will come out on top?


” Make all our trumpets speak; give them all breath.”

Act 5, Scene 7 Summary

Charcters: Macbeth, Young Siward, Malcolm, Macduff, Old Siward

Location: Other side of the plain, inside Macbeth’s castle

Time: Time of battle

Events: Young Siward enters the castle of Macbeth, and asks Macbeth to battle, which whereafter he is slain by Macbeth. An alarm is heard and Macduff enters with Old Siward, Malcolm and the whole army.

No quotes are used in this scene

Act 5, Scene 8 Summary

Characters: Macbeth, Macduff

Location: Another part of the battlefield

Time: Middle of battle

Events: Macbeth and Macduff begin the fight. Macbeth will die if he needs to but won’t mind if the enimies to have gashes within them too. The fight is in full force until Macduff wins out and Macbeth is slain and Macduff is victorious at last.


  • “Why should I play the Roman fool, and die on mine own sword.”
  • “Turn, hell-hound, turn!”

Act 5, Scene 9 Summary

Characters: Malcolm, Siward, Rosse, Macduff

Location: Macduff’s castle

Time: Days after the battle

Events: Malcolm and the rest are appreciated by how the war went, and Macduff enters with Macbeth’s head and all appreciates the new King of Scotland, Malcolm. The new king adresses his appreciation for his new kingship and the play then ends on that moment.

No quotes are used.

End Macbeth!

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