31st August 2017

Monologue Speech

How can a lively leader like myself feel the savagery of the island. The losses of life I had seen were just too loose for my own eyes. The disgrace and shame is too much to bear. The hunting, the fighting, the killing, the heinous fire they spread among the island, the evil invading the group, the smashing of poor Piggy’s glasses, literally everything they did, it was just too much horror for someone like me.

And who would have guessed that Jack and his entire group had put us through this misery. If it weren’t for them ruining the fun and losing our chances at survival, me and all the rest would not have felt like this, and we would have never worried about anything. Thankfully, Jack and the rest are getting what they should deserve for killing two good people who did nothing wrong in the first place.

What was wrong with Jack and his malicious temper? Didn’t he also care for his family and his friends too? Didn’t he want to be saved from the island that made him who he was, a bloody idiot? Didn’t he feel like all the things he did was wrong? It was wrong of him to leave our community, because he was important to us as well for many different reasons.

The conch. The conch was the power to speak in any important meeting we decided on, the conch was the sign of approval to make arrangements, the conch was the symbol of our civility and our chance at order. But Jack, he ignored the rules, and even after I had said “We’ve got to have rules and obey t