The point of the poem Out of the Blue by Simon Armitage is to show a point of view from someone inside the Twin Towers during the terrorist attack of 9/11.

There are some very obvious language features that are being used in this extract to add emphasis to it. As this is a poem, there are constant rhymes in the story, but some of the rhymes also involve repetition. Some of the rhymes that are very prevalent are “sagging and flagging”, “appalling and falling” and “driving and diving”. Some examples that involve some rhymes that also involve repetition are “waving, waving” and “tiring, tiring”. The easy amount of rhyme that is delivered makes any poem more emphatic to read. There also involves an example of personification in the extract, from the line “a white cotton t-shirt is twirling, turning”, which normally wouldn’t be doing that, and we don’t even know it someone is doing it.

There is a lot of appeal when it comes to this poem. I myself like the extract since it brings together all the panic, fear and desperation that the person is feeling whilst in the burning building. It is a brilliant and compact story towards the events that happened on that fateful day.

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