24th October 2017

Reading Inquiry Five

Title: Hunt for The Wilderpeople
Text Type: Movie
Story by: Barry Crump
Date of Response: 24/10/2017

A boy named Ricky Baker and his Uncle Hec are alone in the wilderness of New Zealand and are now the subjects of a manhunt. Are these two able to survive in the jungles for enough time?

In terms of society, there are times when people are too reckless and disappear when they were subjected to such things, and it can be in multiple numbers. It’s just like this movie, set in the wilds of New Zealand.

My Response:
Hunt for the Wilderpeople by far was one of the best movies I have ever watched. It was hilarious in some parts, serious in others, and rounded out with some moments that really shined for me. I think that it really put a lot of great things to my heart and that is gonna stay forever.

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