24th October 2017

Reading Inquiry Six

Title: Night at the Museum
Text Type: Movie
Director: Shawn Levy
Date of Response: 24/10/2017

Larry Daley is a night watchman in a museum filled with natural history. By a Ancient Egyptian curse, many of the musuem’s artifacts, animals and more come to life after the building closes down. What will happen?

In terms of society, it proves that there can be many things in the world that can wind things up, and this movie is no exception. There could be things can change lives, better or worse, and it really ends up in such a way it could be difficult to prove.

My Response:
I think Night at the Museum was the first full movie I ever watched, and while it had some confusing things now that I look back on when I saw it the first time, it was still hilarious to this day. I really enjoyed it.

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