24th October 2017

Reading Inquiry Three

Title: To Autumn
Text Type: Poem
Author: John Keats
Date of Response: 20/10/2017

This poem is about Autumn. The first stanza describes him in a sunny day in a vineyard filled with vines with grapes and apple trees. All the fruity things have matured, stating this is early in autumn. Some of the writing is also based of a Shakespeare play, meaning this play seems fairly old. In the second stanza he is watching the sun set beyond the horizon. And then lastly in the third stanza he hears the soft sounds of the birds chriping their tune while the daylight ends. The poem is magnificent.

In terms of society, there can be many peaceful moments in a season that can really be memorable. This poem puts many different things that are peaceful and makes them memorable by making the last minutes charming and delightful to his senses, those being sight, sound and smell.

My Response:
This poem is tranquilising. It brings a lot of in-depth character into the mix and really gives it a taste of how a true autumn is able to be expressed. It really makes me think that I am in that scenario while I read it.

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