20th October 2017

Reading Inquiry Two

Title: Lord of the Flies
Text Type: Novel
Author: William Golding
Date of Response: 20/10/2017

A plane has crashed on an unknown island, and a group of school boys are stranded with no adult authority. Regardless, they needed to survive on their own without adult supervision, but nobody knows what is happening to them while they continue to live on the island.

In terms of society, some unexpected things are due to happen and it may affect how people respond to such thing. It also has effects to try and drive their emotions from cheerful to full savagery. Their are times when planning can derail and it means things will have to change every day.

My Response:
I know that there are times when people can get savage for some reasons, all around the town, all around the school, no mattet where it is, there could be something bad that could be happening that can relate to Lord of the Flies.

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