8th May 2017

Reading Inquiry One

Title: Because it is My Blood
Text Type: Reading Novel
Author: Gabrielle Zevin
Date of Response: 17/08/2017

Anya Balanchine is a semi-criminal female who wishes to find the perfect college or bust it. She decides to head off to Mexico to work in a Cocoa farm with some Mexican friends of hers and their families. She is delighted by the working scheme and is off a college degree for months. But what is the secrets behind the farm?

In terms of society, Anya heading to Mexico from her friends seems that plans can change constantly and it never stays the same. Nothing is ever an easy task and she wanted to change the ideas of her plans to different ones.

My Response:
I think that people heading to different places has happened to some people in my primary school. They had to leave and it was for quite some time, some even haven’t got back from it yet. It proves that friends come and go in your world but they will return someday.

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