Name of Book: Huia Short Stories 8: Contemporary Maori Edition
Authors: Whai Conroy, Pripi Evans, Ann and Wendy French (some of them)
Made: 30/08/2018
Type: Short Story

This is a series of 32 different short stories and various novel extracts by 24 different storytellers that had made the stories. These certain stories are from the Pikihuia Awards for Maori Writers back in 2009. This 8th rendition brings together a lot of English writing and Maori writing that is all NZ made and is very reliable. Most stories range from many different categories, mainly adventure stories.

My thoughts:
This collection of short stories was very interesting to read. Most of the stories that were written in Maori were quite odd to read, but the English ones as a whole were quite the read, albeit sometimes having some offensive words in them. However, these stories have that NZ vibe that really as a whole is why these stories are very unique and well presented. It really shows how so many different stories can be presented so beautifully in one book. I could be in quite a number of these stories as most of the ones I can think off the top of my head are really enjoyable and convey my life perfectly. 

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