Name: Macbeth
Director: Kenneth Branagh
Made: 13/09/2018
Type: Movie

This movie, made in 2015, is a rendition of the famous Shakespeare Macbeth, a story of where a Scottish man named Macbeth is the receiver of a prophecy that he will be the King of Scotland someday, over current ruler King Duncan. Overcome with grief and by his wife’s actions, he killed the current King and became king himself, fulfilling the prophecy. However, this turns on him as his paranoia goes even further by killing others to lower his suspicions, he was forced into being a tyrannical ruler. A civil war is then broken between Macbeth and Macduff, and since Macbeth and his wife were overcome by madness and were succumbed to their death.

My thoughts:
An amazing rendition of a popular play made many years in the past, in fact, almost 400 years now. It is a powerful and excellent movie that conveys the language that Shakespeare put into it all those years ago. It is a rich story filled with tons of history which overall make it that much more special to me, since I have seen the movie back when it came out for the first time. It was a great movie that I could watch over and over again. If I were to be any of the characters in Macbeth, I would personally be Macduff, since he is moral and a avenging hero that I would be too. 

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