27th September 2018

Reading Journal 6: Interstellar

Name: Interstellar
Director: Christopher Nolan
Made: 25/09/2018
Type: Movie

Inside the midst of the 21st century, a man named Joseph Cooper who was formerly a NASA pilot, is told about a wormhole near Saturn that opens up to a distant galaxy with twelve different planets near a black hole called Gargantua. Positive results were reported, and Cooper is reported to pilot a ship called Endurance with 5000 frozen embryos to colonize the planet. Due to the black hole, years pass quickly and the group then finds themselves about 74 years in the future after finding their way to Saturn. They set up a new human colony on one of the planets for human habitation.

My thoughts:
It is an adventure like no other, this is a movie I loved so much. It was the right amount of everything and brings lots of amazing ideas into the mix. It does confuse me about the time being as they say “severely dilated”, but that confusion does lead it to being mysterious, which I really like. This movie overall is very reminiscent to my Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy journal, since both are very known about space. If I was to be in the movie, I would personally be one of the astronauts that went to the wormhole beforehand since I wouldn’t age quickly and I’d be able to make do with having to live peacefully in another galaxy.

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