Name of Book: Battle Lines
Author: Andy McNab
Journal Made: 16/02/2018
Type: Novel

This book is taken back to the times of war, where are Sergeant named Dave is quickly back into war with his other friendly comrades. The team have to head back to Afghanistan from England to fight for their loved ones, and also to head into the zone of hell with all new deadly challenges to cross with the 2001 Afghan War in their mind.

What I think:
The opinion of a war-based fictional story is pretty interesting for my POV, and this story ticks all of the boxes. I loved it through the first ten chapters where the war is getting hyped up and at the same time Jenny is getting her own job to do, and it’s a seriously good scenario to paint in my head. Chapter sixteen really brings the relations into view, since it comprehends letters from both ends. Dave is livid and annoyed about war, but still love Jenny. And on the other end, Jenny is loving her new job and wants Dave to notice that both to them are still together. It does feel like these letters are before the events of the chapter, and after the go back to reality. Soon enough, the war is taking place and this part of the story is awesome, since it really gets the big things going. So many different things were happeneing and so many routes were taken, eventually making Jenny sad after a phone call they both had, and she regretted her actions, and Dave is moving into the final frontier in the green zone. Four men versus the enemies made for a hasty battle. In then end, four became three as the war soon came to its conclusion. This story to me is very action packed and very interesting.


Andrew we’re talking about your first reading blog entry for level two. And I just like you to tell me first than the title of the book. It’s author and what you want. It’s mainly about

so my book is called

the battle lines, it’s basically about some casualties of war going back into war for the one afghanistan war which I believe is what it is. It’s made by Andy with them and Kim Jordan. Yeah, and it’s yeah that’s basically the basics of it. Go. So we’re talking about soldiers that have been in previous wars that are returning to the battlefield. What is what makes it important that they’ve been in battles before. How does that affect the story. I mean, I think it it fix the story because they’ve been towards staying knows like the way how they do this are it’s pretty much I think they can, like, get the mindset. Yeah. Is that tell me more with more detailed let maybe if you name a character who has been in battle before he returns if you got a character’s name in mind until there’s this one called now who was originally, you know, walk you use back, you know, which were not exactly it doesn’t detail. Is it a Middle East will or but No it doesn’t. We don’t know about that. But yeah, he’s been the war before so he had See I guess he’s pretty excited to get back into this because he’s really ready to see if he can still use what he can. And we’re which I’m pretty sure it’s a good example and could he


how so what happened. Well, he was probably one of the ones who is mainly on the front lines for most of the story, and he definitely he survived in the inside. Yeah, it’s that’s something about it. Yeah. At the front lines. How did things go. What kind of war is this one this this war really is just about the people that are in the story just moving on forward. As a result, and yeah, it’s pretty pretty good on on the lines of how they do that. How did I do think they they they basically charge for it pretty easily. They, they get they get past every enemy that’s in their way. They get everything done and everything’s all good. In the end, so that seems to be quite that that that way you’re telling it is quite

contradictory to the historical information about that. So is the book quite different history,

you know, when you look at it like that. I suppose it is so for example the Warner Afghanistan was complicated. It was Missy and finished in in in conclusive state when the US and the UK withdrew they withdrew without having fully implemented a

replacement democracy and after I left a lot of things to generated quite quickly. Is that how the book shows things.

Yes, in one way, no one another. So I tell me that two ways. Tell me the Yes. Well, the easiest way is like Gordon, you’re just sit there. Yeah. Is that an Indian Mike and in Emilio cycle of some sort of thing. Right. The other way is that it’s sort of ended in one and another way because the US and the UK are basically abstaining from both ends. So it’s kind of like that reference. We’re just basically going to put this up for now and we’re going to just move on with our eyes and is that have the book presents. Yes. Okay. What are the some of the main points of action in the book that make it interesting, who you the main points in the series. That’s a good one. The pain points really from me of when are basically the main one that really comes to mind is in chapter 17 I believe I think that’s 116 or 17 with one of them, but it’s when Dave and Johnny to the mayor characters in this in the book just write letters back and forth to one another and they are base and they still miss each other they’re really good soulmates and it’s very good to see that they’re like catching out about what’s been happening. Ever since they’ve left to go back to the war. Okay, and what and what’s the main content. What has happened to dive since he went back to the war. Well, it’s just like it’s just missing out and all the normal parts of life. He’s really it’s a little bit sad to see that genies out around to see him because Jeannie really does like Dave and it’s quite saddening the same go back to warn such a short time as he survived. He does.

Do you think that book presents war as a good thing.

That’s a good one. Actually,

I don’t think so. In this sort of context. I don’t think it is. How does it presented as Marshall. Good thing I mean of course it’s like very like physical and like all the weaponry and everything. I mean, you kind of get the relation. Okay, I’ll I haven’t read it so you have to tell me. I mean, this was kind of like all the other words that you just see like war. One World War Two, something like that. Except it’s just more like prison between new chain us. And yes, it’s still a lot of water battling in everything and still people get killed. In the end,

who are the sides.

Sorry, the sides. Well, that’s mainly you can us. We don’t really know much about the others as so as a result. So, so the you so you don’t know who are being fought against or does the book not tell you,

second one seems more accurate. I’m I may have missed so little trick. My maybe in the book, but it may I don’t think it really told us anything else about it. Okay, we’ll pause it


sure it’s.

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