Name of Book: Battle Lines
Author: Andy McNab
Journal Made: 16/02/2018

This book is taken back to the times of war, where are Sergeant named Dave is quickly back into war with his other friendly comrades. The team have to head back to Afghanistan from England to fight for their loved ones, and also to head into the zone of hell with all new deadly challenges to cross with the 2001 Afghan War in their mind.

Chapters 1 – 5:
A man named Dave and some other English folk in his town are sitting at a bar, having some drinks and seeing some impressive magic going around from and elderly man, until they hear news of a war taking place in Afghanistan. As this is happening, a trio of guys named Mal, Streaky and another unknown name are together playing video games until they receive a message from someone they remember, and the realisation hits them and they tell the remainder of the crew it was time to head back into the warzone. Soon enough, all the gang are back in Afghanistan and training up for the big moment, and it really hits them that this is serious. All the other army members are really going at it and they need to give it their all.

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