Name of Book: Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy
Authors: Douglas Adams and Eoin Colfer
Made: 23/7/2018
Type: Novel

The plot is basically where this species of aliens from an unknown world in the galaxy called the Vagons is about to wipe away the world. A man named Arthur overhears this story and once the world is decimated to nothingness, there are a few survivors. Arthur is one, and he along with his friend Ford, and others such as Trillian and Zaphod as examples.

My thoughts:
A very well made book that is very funny at certain points which really makes it stand out as quite popular. It tells us about a story of Earth being destroyed and Arthur having to live with an odd species of aliens with technology the not even humans can achieve. It’s a really has a solid story line with a potent overall structure which makes it very enjoyable. I can now see why adults really like this in the past. It overall does also bring a sort of vibe from the 21st December 2012 which was the so-called End of the World day, which does incorporate the fact that earth did get destroyed in this book. Personally, I would see myself being a survivor from the destruction of Earth, but it would be quite an improbable chance.

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