Name of Book: Then
Authors: Morris Gleitzman
Made: 23/08/2018
Type: Short Story

The plot is where a Jewish boy named Felix and a Catholic girl named Zelda are trapped by a Nazi army, but escape barely and manage to find a home to live in with a Polish woman named Genia. From there, they are healed of their wounds and are now living a more Polish lifestyle with the names Wilhelm and Violetta. There are constant times where they run into Nazis but the luck of Richmal Crompton in the end saves Felix from disaster. In the end, Genia’s husband Gabriek took care of Felix and kept him safe.

My thoughts:
This story albeit a bit short was very entertaining to read. It had a very concise story line that had tension, laughter and interest all at once, which really bought the whole story together. The points of the story that really riled me up was when Felix was at the point of no return and once he prayed to Richmal Crompton he escaped death with no penalty, which made it all worthwhile to see, since it gives off that action vibe. It’s a fascinating book in the Once series and really had me going from start to finish. I would say that Felix in this book isn’t exactly much of a similarity to me when I was 10 years old, since I wasn’t exactly like him that much for a very good amount of reasons, some being that I’m not Jewish and I neither had to run from Nazis most of the time.

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