14th February 2017

Spoken Language Transcript!

Me: Sup Jesse!

Jesse: Hey, what’s up?

Me: Nothing much man. Just chilln’ at home. (Smiling emojis)

Jesse: Yeah man, me too. (Glasses emoji)

Me: Nice man! Wanna make a vid chat tonite?

Jesse: Sounds like a plan, bruv!

Me: Awsm! Thx man, you’re da best!

Jesse: Sure am! (Laughing emoji)

Me: Gr8. Gtg now, need to be at gym in a few.

Jesse: Later Andy! See ya at the vid chat!

Me: Same to u, man!

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I am an inspired person who always enjoys lots of different varieties of English study, especially spelling and reading. I am very excited for Year 11 English and hopefully I get to see lots of spelling and reading tasks in the future.


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