13th February 2018

Sports Commentary Transcript

Commentator 1: Zoi Sadowski Synott, doing a tail press over the rainbow bridge, back heel on the quarter pipe, coming back around, going up the hill, back side 180 over the c-rail. Coming into the next rail feature, switch, switch boardslider, did a wee like popout. Wee popout’s like can really impress the judges because it just shows how much board control you really have and they are looking for board control. Switch back side 540, Front Side 720, coming into the last jump. What Zoi got for us? Once! Twice! Absoloutely fearless, absolute gold for Zoi Sadowski Synott. Maybe not quite as smooth as her first run, what would you say Mitch? Just the grab on the Switch back side 540 wasn’t quite as good on this run.
Commentator 2: Yeah, it’s looks like, we’ll wait for the judges to tally, but I guess as you said, the first run was a bit more solid, a little smoother, but nonetheless, 50/50 back one out, scoring high. We saw the Double Backflip on the bottom table. It…here’s um….all of the features, th-there’s basically six features, each one has two judges, they’re weighted evenly.

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